How does Bidglide use Stripe and Paypal for billing?

Our current payment methods for Stripe and Paypal are supported by WooCommerce. When using Paypal, you complete the transaction directly with Paypal after completing the basic information steps on our site. For Stripe, your card information is encrypted into a token. Please visit WooCommerce Subscriptions if you want to learn details about their gateway infrastructure.

Does Bidglide offer phone support?

Currently we do not have enough man (or woman) power to offer phone support. However, we should respond promptly if you use our Contact Us form and submit a message!

How do I get started?

Sign up for Bidglide’s free 7 day trial. When signing up, you will be provided with a license key which activates unlimited software on a single device.

After subscribing, access the “Documentation” page on your account dashboard. Best practices include:

  • Before using any software follow the starter guide
  • Bidglide offers a variety of software, all with unique usability. Make sure to read the individual documentation for any tool you choose to use.

Easily cancel within your trial period to avoid billing. Details for pricing are described in the cost section here.

What is Bidglide?

Software: Bidglide develops high performance yet user friendly automated-trading desktop software (C++), designed to serve:

  • Day-traders.
  • Short term investors.
  • Basic holders, beginning to trade their inventories.

Bidglide provides desktop software to be used as your licensed personal property under a monthly license subscription – for trading directly with Exchanges such as Coinbase Pro, Binance, or Poloniex. As your software is trading with an Exchange via API, your trading activity will also appear on your Exchange dashboard. Bidglide does not host or become involved with your usage of the software or trading accounts, nor is any 3rd party – it’s your personal trading system which establishes a direct internet connection with the Exchange/API of your choice.

Education: Bidglide takes pride in providing comprehensive educational materials for those who may not fully understand how trading systems generally operate in terms of technology and features/functionality.

Is Bidglide associated with any digital asset Exchanges?

Bidglide has no affiliation with digital asset Exchanges or other businesses which offer trading related services – we simply provide you with software, to enhance your ability to communicate directly with Exchanges (for automated trading and/or collecting a personal tick-data series). We do not host or facilitate trading, ask for your trading account information, or provide market data.