Algorithmic trading software

Elevating digital asset investors. Providing day-traders with an edge.

Two core audience types should explore Bidglide:

  • Basic investors interested in risk management, or using current inventories to easily automate strategies via C++ software.

  • Advanced traders seeking to gain an edge using low-latency/high-frequency C++ trading systems.

Our latest software provides users with the ability to self-facilitate features considered mandatory by traders of traditional markets, including brackets and trailing stop-limit orders. These programs are designed to work around non-leveraged digital asset markets with predefined round-trip strategies.

1 Month Trial License

Your Software.
Connected to Your Exchange.
No Third Party.

Bidglide provides plug-and-play desktop software, using a monthly license subscription, for trading directly with Exchanges such as Coinbase Pro, Binance and/or Poloniex via trade permission API keys (e.g., FIX API order feed; WebSocket data feed). Bidglide (nor a third party) does not host, collect data or possess any access to your software or trading accounts. It’s your personal trading system which establishes a direct internet connection with the Exchange/API of your choice.

Innovative Functionality Delivering Real Opportunity